ZIPTO Ecommerce Order Fulfillment and Shipping Service

The quickest and most hassle-free fulfillment and shipping service that's always on-time, efficient and saves your money.

Automated Order Fulfillment Made Easy

  • Technology Enabled

    Fully integrated platform that saves your effort to manage.
  • Lowest Shipping Rates

    Up to 80% lower than retail shipping price that you find on the market.
  • End-to-end Tracking

    Our system automatically generated end-to-end tracking in real-time.
  • Fast Guaranteed

    We know what fast means to you, we are committed.
  • One-to-one Customer Support

    You have your designated customer support representative at your service.
  • Transparent and Trustworthy

    We offer fully simple, transparent and standardized pricing. No extras, no surprises.

How it works

  • Register

  • Transport Your Products to Zipto

  • Confirm Your Order

  • Ship to Your Customer

Integrate with Marketplaces

Ship with Top Courier Partners

  • USPS

  • Fedex

  • DHL

Zipto Owned

  • Zipto Express

  • Zipto Express PLUS


  • No Storage Fees

    For the first 12-month and up to 85 m3
  • No Minimum Fee

    Pay as you needed when you need
  • No SKU Limitation

    We fully support your business needs
  • 360* Visibility

    Real-time monitor of freight tracking

Stress-free fulfillment service that delivers happiness to your customers